Within 25 years development, NGOC LAN CABLE brand is aimed at being one of a leading cable manufacturer of high quality product divisions. There are 3 priority values, which satisfy the need and the expectation of clients that we focused the most, such as: :

  • • Employee Creativity & Innovation
  • • In-line Quality Observation & Continuous Quality Management System.
  • • Technology improvements

Besides, NGOC LAN CABLE is also certified by a reputation institution, such as, QMS, QUATEST 1. QUATEST 3. Our Business activities are also compiled to ISO 9001 standards. Moreover, all produced wire and cable are fully tested at our Laboratory and certified by QUATEST 1, QUATEST 3 before delivery stage. Core value of your life in this case is “Standard”. Standard is the main factor, which will bring the efficient investment and well-being to your life.